Choose Grace International | Speaking
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“Let not the tears of yesterday, nor the worries of tomorrow, spoil the joys of today.”
–Francis Briner

Kay Lyn has been sharing her courageous story of grace and encouraging women at speaking engagements since. She is a local and national speaker with experience at the United Nations, American Association of Christian Counselors, Heartbeat International, and at various women’s conferences and church groups. Her message is captivating and transformational, leaving her audience moved to action and begin their healing journey with a community of women alongside them.


It’s incredible how many women share their abortion story after hearing mine. They nod their heads in agreement when I speak about the seemingly ever present depression and inconsolable grief, intrusive nightmares, paralyzing anxiety, occasional waves of feeling like I want to die, feeling like I murdered my child, etc. I mistakenly thought I was alone in my shame and despair only to discover there are thousands, maybe millions, who have experienced similar reactions to their abortion(s).


Kay Lyn’s calling as a speaker has touched thousands of women around the world. Her story is impactful and sure to spark a healing transformation in your life. Testimonies have been included to demonstrate the impact Kay Lyn’s preaching and story of grace has had on individuals lives. Be sure to check out the Contact Us tab for more information about booking!


Kay Lyn Carlson is one of the most compassionate person I have ever met. Her boldness in telling her story, standing on the frontline and helping women all over the world is phenomenal. She is informative and efficient. I have learned so much from her. Working with Kay Lynn was amazing. I am certainly looking forward to doing whatever I can to help with her mission.
Dr. Gina R. Prince

Kay Lyn brings grace and truth and educates in a gentle way. I think many women will identify with her story.
Kelsi Evans

Kay Lyn's testimony truly moved me to tears not just because of how traumatic it is to have lost her child but because of the love she developed for her child and the forgiveness she is achieve, through God, for herself and those who were involved. The day she shared her testimony, she didn't preach at me about repentance, but about the grace, forgiveness, and healing you will receive from Christ Jesus. I have lost parts of myself in the decisions I made, however Jesus met me where I was at and brought me back together. S.G.