Choose Grace International | Tending to the heart of reproductive loss
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Who We Are

Choose Grace International exists to tend to the heart of those wounded from the most painful and complicated heartaches in life. We believe that we all have opportunities to choose grace instead of shame, fear, guilt, or condemnation. We have lived the truth that grace provides the ultimate peace and comfort.


We follow in the footsteps of our President, Kay Lyn Carlson, who learned to choose grace following a reproductive loss through abortion. Kay Lyn’s story gives us a clear example of the covering grace that can conquer brokenness and set us free.




· We believe in a costly grace; free for all but not cheap

· We believe in utilizing mental health best practices

· We believe in community and our need for each other




Our mission is to help men and women identify, understand, and recover from the deep wounds and grief in their life. We know that healing comes through knowledge, forgiveness, and accepting God’s grace. Choose Grace International is here to show each person that there is nothing that puts him or her outside of God’s love and redemption.


A theology of grace and path to recovery is for everyone. We all have an area of our life that we need to claim victorious grace over. Many of our unique programs and resources will address healing after reproductive loss through abortion. This is an area in which our President and Founder has a personal testimony of healing, which has educated and encouraged thousands globally, and we are uniquely positioned to offer extra help and healing.




“We can choose to live a life in shame and regret, or we can choose His grace which is sufficient for all.”

-Kay Lyn Carlson